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UGC Creation Campaign for a Menswear Brand

How we optimized the CPA by 16.4% and increased revenue by $110k using UGC


Year by year, menswear promotion becomes a more complicated task: the market is saturated, and the competition in the industry is rising dramatically.

As a result, the cost per lead goes up, and marketers face a real challenge when trying to get a decent ROMI and quality scaling. Companies seek to optimize resources and gain maximum results within the allocated budget.

That’s how influencer marketing rose to fame as one of the most popular and prominent channels for advertising. And Imabys knows a thing or two about it.

About the client

A powerful representative of the retail market, the client is a premium menswear brand from the USA. They’re powered by the idea of creating truly universal clothes for modern men, suitable for traveling, outdoor activities, and everyday life.

The value and goal of the client are to simplify the life of active men. “Own less and experience more” — this message complements the idea of contemporary men's fashion and helps make consumption reasonable.

You need different clothes in different styles for business trips, travels, weekdays, weekends, work, sports, and hiking. So it would make sense to use a basic wardrobe that doesn’t take up too much time, space, and resources.

The brand’s grand mission is to make multifunctional clothes a norm for modern men and allow them to adapt to any situation using the clothes they have without needing to buy new items.

Goals and tasks

The client addressed us with the need to increase the number of active user content, and their main goal was to reduce the cost of ad conversion on Facebook Ads.

Because 84% of people trust online reviews, we’ve agreed on the strategy that involved male fashion influencers and configuring targeted advertising on Facebook according to the interests of the target audience.

To give the client maximum targeted interaction with the end user, we analyzed and selected the influencers whose audiences were most likely to buy the clothes of our client’s brand.

The team has thoroughly analyzed the quality of profiles, the correlation between the number of subscribers and the real user activity, as well as other metrics that helped us reduce the risks of draining the marketing budget.

We went for UGC content creation (meaning content generated by users) and reached the goal set by the client — reduced the cost of conversion on Facebook and increased the income from advertising on this social platform.

UGC content creation background

Since professional content creation didn’t bring the expected results (but was really expensive to make), the client needed user content to do the trick. They knew that UGC content creation brings more conversion than other types of content.

So together with the client, we came up with the idea to launch several activities on Facebook at a time to let its algorithm choose the most efficient of them. And it did.

Since we required quality user content, the decision was made to follow the proven path — attract opinion leaders and make collaborations with them by offering our client’s product for free. That way, we were expecting numerous influencers to leave reviews on their social media pages and create unique content.

Though it might sound easy: choose relevant bloggers, send them presents, and ask them for a review, there’s a whole strategy behind the alleged simplicity.

Stage 1. Marketing research on male fashion influencers

Imabys started developing the marketing strategy and chose the tools to achieve the set goals.

We began by analyzing the audiences and then established the criteria for male fashion influencers. Our team researched the pages of 500 influencers with the most relevant content (in our case — outdoor, active sports, travels).

This first stage was essential: thoroughly choosing the right influencers with a relevant target audience and a high level of involvement helped us achieve impressive results (more on them later).

Stage 2. Work with male fashion influencers

After analyzing and hand-picking 500 creators, we additionally communicated with each of the accounts selected. 108 male fashion influencers agreed to receive goods and gave us their delivery addresses (22% of the total number), which is a good index for barter interactions.

Stage 3. UGC content creation

The Imabys team created brief “scenarios” that helped outline the characteristics, advantages, and features of the products. Because at the end of the day, every brand wants influencers to deliver the essence of their products to the audiences. Delivering the strong ideological standpoint of the brand was also critical.

But these scripts didn’t make the reviews look staged because influencers had their own representation, style, and usual manner of communicating with audiences.

Stage 4. Results

Summarizing is the last stage of integration with bloggers since it allows us (and the client) to see the effectiveness of the tools we chose. In our work, we pay special attention to collecting and qualifying data to send comprehensive and transparent reports to the client.

Here are some of the most prominent results of this campaign:

  • 34 male fashion influencers who received our product placed the content (31% of all who received it)

  • 89 placed content units were published (2,6 content units per one influencer)

  • 195 unique content units received from the male fashion influencers’ content after cuts and edits

  • $57 was the cost of goods sent to each influencer (total cost of $6,156)

  • $31.5 was the average cost per one unique UGC piece

  • $103 — the average order value — remained unchanged

As a result, we managed to significantly optimize the client’s metrics and can proudly say that the campaign was a success. Here are some more achievements to back it up:

  • Reduced the cost of advertising conversion on Facebook from $39.72 to $33.23

  • Reduced marketing expenses thanks to UGC content creation (before the integration with influencers, the sum was $10,000, and after the advertising campaign, it went down to $6,156) +Imabys fee

  • Increased the income from advertising on Facebook from $518,630 to $619,922

  • Received direct income from cooperation with influencers ($7,136)

In total, there were 195 unique UGC content pieces in the Facebook advertising campaign, which allowed the client to interact with a broad audience and increase direct commercial metrics.

The cooperation with influencers also helped increase product recognition and brand awareness, strengthened the client’s reputation, and positively influenced audience attraction.

About the client

The company designs and creates modern and versatile clothes for men. Thanks to a laconic design and a restrained color scheme, the clothes perfectly combine, offering universal looks for every day. Several items (trousers, T-shirts, polos, hoodies, vests) offer complete freedom: you are not limited in traveling, while your wardrobe allows mixing clothes for work, activities, and everyday life. The brand’s goal is to create classic, multipurpose items and enhance the life of a contemporary man. Convenience, comfort, time-saving, and reasonable consumption — that’s what the brand believes in.

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