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Dedicated Influencer Marketing Manager for Productivity App


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Delaware, USA




Case study Manganum. Imabys - agency with experience in influencer marketing for software tools.

About Manganum

Manganum features a Chrome extension that turns your browser into a productivity workspace. It keeps the tools you frequently use accessible on the sidebar, including a translator, calendar, task list, and notes. A launch pad lets you quickly open your favorite websites, Google services, and Chrome tools.


A beautiful background greets you as you open a tab. And there’s a pop-up widget to give you a motivational quote, an affirmation, a life-timer, and a reminder of your top priority for the day.


We all need a productivity boost sometimes. Manganum knows that, so the company developed a Chrome extension that integrates productivity apps into browser tabs. And, naturally, they wanted more people to discover and start using it.


Since they’re a young, progressive startup, Manganum turned to influencer marketing to get the job done. Their goal was to increase the number of installs while bringing cost per install down.


Sounds like a job for Imabys.


When Manganum contacted us, we offered them what we do best — full-service influencer marketing, from strategy and influencer discovery to profile analysis and reporting. And so the cooperation began.

Our strategic and data-driven approach brought the results Manganum was after while keeping the costs down. All thanks to Imabys’ subscription model. It allowed Manganum to keep the overall costs well below what they used to pay an in-house influencer marketing manager.



Manganum was on a mission to get the word out about their browser extension and initiate more installations at a reasonable cost.

This meant ceasing cooperation with their expensive and inefficient influencer marketing manager and looking for an agency with experience in influencer marketing for software tools.


Additionally, this agency had to have a track record of working with the European market.

Fortunately, Manganum found Imabys via the informative posts we shared in a Facebook startup community and decided we were a good match.



Here’s how Imabys approached the project for Manganum.

Phase 1 - Influencer marketing research

Our dedicated influencer marketing manager (who has experience in influencer marketing for software tools) spearheaded the campaign. We started by creating an influencer marketing strategy, which gave us a clear picture of the target market and the right influencers and tools to reach them. Then, we used our internal tools to analyze the audience and discover influencers.


Imabys came up with a roster of YouTube influencers from the productivity niche who were already speaking to Manganum’s target markets in France, Germany, and the UK. We analyzed their profiles and chose the ones that had the best performance. Working with influencers with the relevant target audience and engagement rates allowed Imabys to meet the set performance metrics.

Phase 2 - Influencer outreach

After choosing the influencers who were the right fit for Manganum’s campaign, we collected their emails, created a custom template of email sequences, and started the outreach. 


Imabys’ outreach went beyond just finding and contacting influencers. Equipped with the sales tools, we built a highly personalized email campaign, kept all influencer data in one place, and monitored the success of the outreach.  

Phase 3 - Price negotiations

One of Manganum’s primary goals was to keep the campaign’s costs down. So, we took the time to negotiate pricing with each influencer we selected. In the end, we managed to cut their pricing down by up to 40%. Then, we sealed the deal with signed contracts. 

Phase 4 - Content production

Imabys wanted to make sure the influencers would share Manganum’s message accurately, so we created a content brief to guide them. Still, they were allowed to retain the same voice and style they’d been using to keep their audience engaged. The content emphasized Manganum's advantages and "how-to" instructions.  


Before the influencers published their videos, they sent us drafts, and we made changes where necessary. Imabys tracked each influencer’s output and results and sent a comprehensive report to Manganum. 


The report included the metrics that measure the campaign’s success along with the data that can help Manganum optimize future campaigns.





total budget savings




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